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Optinum is more than a traditional accounting firm.

Our mission is to support changemakers and business leaders to achieve the financial sustainability and strategic clarity needed to create lasting, effective impact.

Optinum is more than a traditional accounting firm.

Our mission is to support business leaders and changemakers achieve the financial sustainability and strategic clarity needed to create lasting, effective social change.

All-in-one services for finance and impact management

  • You’re the owner or manager of a non-profit, social enterprise or socially-minded business
  • You want to create a bigger impact for people and the planet, yet be financially responsible and profitable.
  • You may not know how to measure the impact that your organization makes and share your work with key stakeholders.
  • You want a strong future for your enterprise, its mission, and growth.

We get it. And we’ve got your back.

With a dedicated focus on the social impact sector, Optinum is the finance firm for you. We manage accounting, finance and impact measurement processes so that you can have more freedom and insight for making a bigger impact.

Our mission is to help changemakers and entrepreneurs build a balance of strong positive impact and financial sustainability. 

Whether you’re looking for long-term fractional support, project-based deliverables, or simply want to get advice, we offer a full spectrum of support.  With the right level of support customized for your company, we aim to be a key partner in the success of your vision and goals.

Our Mission & Values


We prioritize your mission to create positive social, cultural, economic and environmental impact to help people and the planet, and support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We are trusted professionals with 12+ years of experience in the field. We are a registered CPA firm, with certifications for providing finance and strategic support.


We are creating new ways to make knowledge for business strategy, social impact models and financial literacy more accessible.

Promoting financial literacy

We believe in empowering entrepreneurs and business leaders to feel in control of their finances through guidance and education.

Continuous learning

We promote continuous learning through workshops and education for our clients.


We believe that we are stronger together and we promote shared learnings and success.

About the Founder

Zahra Qureshi | CPA, CMA

When Zahra Qureshi founded Optinum Professional Corporation in 2018, her vision was to create more than just an accounting firm.  As an experienced Chartered Professional Accountant, social entrepreneur and facilitator, Zahra envisioned Optinum as a leading finance firm in transforming small businesses and non-profits for more robust, sustainable and purpose-driven operations. Her portfolio includes managing complex financial reporting structures, planning and budgeting that empowers strategic decision making, successful fundraising efforts, and innovative social enterprise models.

In 2020, Zahra also founded a not-for-profit organization called the Social Venture Circuit to build a learning community of mission-driven enterprises committed to social, cultural and environmental impact.

When not helping changemakers, you can find Zahra mentoring future CPAs, testing out new gluten-free recipes and exploring world history.

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