Your vision is our goal.

You need expert finance and strategic planning support for your enterprise to build clarity and achieve your goals.

Whether you are looking to start strong, grow rapidly or operate sustainably, we provide the building blocks you need to reduce stress, visualize a strong future and keep your stakeholders happy.

Our Services

Finance & strategy

Tools and frameworks designed for sustainable success of your enterprise

Social impact

Powerful planning and execution for your vision as a social enterprise or non-profit

Raising money

Comprehensive support for managing the investment process and grant applications


Services for all recordkeeping, CRA requirements, reporting needs and more

Choose the level of support to suit your needs:

Dedicated long-term support from a Chief Financial Officer, Chief Impact Officer or Accounting Manager

Consultations to explore your needs, update strategies, implement and manage results

Safe learning spaces with masterclasses, one-on-one coaching or quick questions

Contact us to learn more and find the best fit:

why invest in a professional?

Enhance performance & avoid common issues

Manage opportunities to maximize benefit

You dedicate a lot of money and resources to building your venture. We make sure you get the best return on them to fulfill your value proposition and financial goals.

Maintain your organization's credibility

From compliance and governance support to effective storytelling, always impress your stakeholders.

Save your time for what you do best

We take care of support functions and provide tools for clarity that help you focus on what really matters.

Access certified professional service

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Firm registered with CPA Ontario
Non-profit certification

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Community Development for Good, Level 1

Signature services

Fractional executive support

Bring dedicated leadership and a fresh perspective to your management team with a Chief Impact Officer or a Chief Financial Officer.

Enterprise capacity building

A series of eye-opening exercises in strategic planning and budgeting to visualize the journey to reach your goals. Get ready to grow!

Social impact blueprints

Supercharge your social, cultural or environmental mission and share your dedication with stakeholders with clarity on goals, KPIs and impact measurement.

Fundraising process management

Whether you need grants, debt or equity for your enterprise, we manage the process of strategic fundraising from initial search to final reporting. 

Accounting system design & maintenance

Transition, transformation and change management for strong accounting systems . We can also fully manage outsources functions for you.

Ad hoc or periodic services

Design an engagement to suit your needs. From annual T2 tax filings or CRA setup to larger projects for strategic support. Or you can access ad hoc coaching. Let’s get started with a discovery call.

We support entrepreneurship programs

A cycle that fosters success

At Optinum, we appreciate your commitment to innovation, sustainability and better ways of doing business. To generate positive social and financial impact for your organization, you need expertise to strategically manage processes that foster success. These processes are complex and time consuming, which can be overwhelming, create inefficiencies and result in missed business opportunities.

We understand your goals and challenges and work with you to save you time and stress, and bring confidence in your strategies and systems. We manage each of these strategic support functions so that you can focus on managing your enterprise effectively.

So, book an introductory call with our team today. Bring confidence and insight to your business management so you can stop worrying and keep growing.

Your vision. Our support.